USA’s Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Developers Anki recently brought the market to their new home robot vector Though the vector size is small, artificial intelligence technology makes life alive.


It responds quickly using different sensors. Vector; Can hear what is happening in the room, recognize the person or objects, navigate the place to find his charger, and avoid various obstacles. Looking at Vector’s big bright eyes, Pixar will remember WALL E movie.

Vector Features:

1. Vector uses HD camera to watch. Using artificial intelligence technology can detect and remember people and see faces.

2. There are four microphone arrays for the vector to hear. That is why it may take a side to sit beside it.

3. The touch and the accelerometer sensor have the vector, which makes it known when it is removed. Because of this, it behaves like a pet.

4. Vector has a processor to handle the strong brain. Connecting to the Internet, it can answer weather and answer different questions.

5. It has its own voice which is made up of hundreds of synthetic words. That’s why when vector is asked a question, it can talk directly.

6. The vector can know its battery before it ends and it goes to its own charger.




The way vectors can help you:

1. Asking for a weather in a city can tell and show you.

2. You can do different things by setting timers.

3. If you ask him to take pictures, you will take pictures.

4. With this you can play games at leisure time.

You can see the video to be familiar with vector. At present, the market value of vector is 250 USD (21,000 taka).


Will you give an informal robot in your home?

The answer is probably not so vector has a happy and personalized feeling. Small design is attractive, especially with its new spaces gray and gold paint works.

Vector has a botload of hardware with 1.2 GHz quad quad Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, WiFi 802.11N, Bluetooth LE, top and bottom touch sensitivity, front NIR laser scanner, a camera and a four-micron array. . It has a battery inside which enables Auto-On capabilities – In reality, the vector automatically reduces to the charging dock when it is low in juice.

I got out of vector checking for about an hour. The robot scanned me and got to know my name, “O vector, my name is jake.” In the same fashion as Alexa or Google Home, you will have to say “Hey Vector” and four microphone arrays will pick it up.

Vector sounds are concentrated. He is facing the answer and you clap from behind, turn to see what he has to do and take it there.