Apple is the technology’s innovation touch. Apple fans have to wait for long time to get this taste of innovation. Apple’s new product comes to market every year. So Apple fans have a lot of expectations this time.

30-10-2018, “Apple Special Event 2018” was held in Brooklyn on Tuesday. The presentation was presented by Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook and many others. Launching different products for two hours in the name of the screen of the name. MacBook Air 2011, Mac Mini and iPad Pro are unveiled.

Apple announced that their new iPad Pro, Mac Mini and MacBook Air. Most of the features of WatchGlow are similar to their previous versions.
The new iPad Pro has a lower base than the previous, and the home button has just departed. There will also be more USB Type C connections, 264 ppi display and new design apple pencil. But this is the first time an iPad can be seen with Faisal unlock facility.

One of the attractions is that you can charge your iPhone!

Then after about 4 years after the 2014 update, Mac Mini Desktop Computer The new Mac Mini has Intel’s 8th generation processor, which has been used since last year. There are four cores and two versions of six cores.

Along with the maximum 64 GB RAM and 2 terabyte solid state storage options. It also has Gigabit Ethernet facility, four Thunderwalt 3 ports, one HDMI and two USB type port at the port. Although I do not think I have a big change, Apple claims that these Mac Mini will work faster than 5 times faster than all generations.
Apple’s Mac Mini will start from 800 USD

As well as Apple Pro and Mac Mini, Apple also reports about their MacBook Air 2018. Apple notebook will have 13 ‘3-inch Retina display. Apple claims that this MacBook can get four times better display resolutions than the previous MacBooks. This MacBook has been made with complete aluminum and has very little bayels around its display. The new MacBook is only weighing 1.24 kg, which is almost 17 times smaller than any MacBook and 10 times thin.

In this MacBook you will find a single Thunderwolf 3 USB C port and 3.5-Aime headphone jack. The Thunderwolf 3 port will support the external display which is 5 resolution and EGPU supported.

Apple MacBook Air 018 does not see the specification –

  • 8th Generation Intel Core i5 Processor
  • 8/16 GB RAM
  • 128/256/522 GB or 1.5 terabyte SSD
  • 13’3 inch display whose resolution is 2500×1600
  • Bluetooth 4.2 and 802.11 AC WiFi
  • Apple claims that this MacBook will give 12-hour web browsing and about 13 hours of iTunes movie playback. It also has a third-generation butterfly keyboard,
  • Touch Trackpad, Fisight HD camera, more powerful Stereo speakers. There are three more microscopes, so that you do not have to be more difficult to understand your voice.

Interested buyers can buy these three new products from November 7th. Keep an eye on any of the latest tech updates. Share the day teake world news