Did any day imagine that an artificial moon would be made for the earth? Probably people did not think of any day. But China is going to end this thought. They are going to launch a synthetic moon in their country.


The moon does not give enough light to enlighten us every year of the year. It does not want to stay fixed for the slow motion of the Earth’s only natural satellite. Recently China’s Chengdu Science and Technology Research Institute has announced that they launch a artificial moon and reflect light on the night by illuminating the sunlight and reducing the pressure on electricity.

In the past week, Chairman of Chengdu Erasops Science and Technology Microelectronics Systems Research Institute, Uchunfang announced plans to launch a “artificial moon” in 2020. He said this information in the speech of a national publicity and entrepreneur program held in Chengdu, China.

According to Chunfang, this artificial moon will be eight times more shining than the actual moon. He insisted that it was designed to “complement the moon at night”. This artificial satellite can enlighten a region of 50 miles in diameter.

According to him, the amount spent to enlighten the streets of a particular region in China is about 173 million US dollars per year. The effect of artificial moon will save a lot of money in the long run.

On the other hand, the director of the Institute of Optics of the Harbin Institute of Technology, Kong Weimin, said that the illumination of astronomical observations in artificial light would be disturbed, the light of the artificial moon is equivalent to a bright evening. It is not enough to harm a biological law.

This artificial moon project is like science fiction, but efforts have been made even before this initiative of China. Russia had accepted a project earlier. To reflect sunlight on the planet, it used a curved plastic screen attached to the spacecraft. Although the Russian government did not succeed in this. Now just wait when China will launch their artificial moon and when the streets of Chengdu city of China will be illuminated in the light of the artificial moon.

One Chinese city, expensive street lights could soon be the thing of the past.

By 2020, Tian Fu New Area Science Society plans to launch an artificial moon to illuminate the night sky. If the plan exceeds, the so-called “illumination satellite” will move with the Moon to the Moon and the moon with Moon, but the eight will be bright. The company will launch three more satellites in 2022 – replacing potential city areas with the help of street. Chief of the society, Wu Chunfang announced this plan at an innovative conference in Chengdu on October 10.

Chongfeng told China Daily that the satellite starting from the Sceang Satellite Launch Center will move about 300 miles (500 kilometers) in orbit on the city and will use its mirror coating to reflect sunlight in the world.

Even though the light is burning, the satellite does not control the moon with one advantage – human control. Chunfang said that both the location and brightness of the human moon can be changed and if necessary it can be completely closed. And since the satellite is mobile, the electricity can help disaster relief by creating a stir in the lost area.

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