You might call it Battlefield, PUBG, or Plunkbat. You may have seen the human chicken meal montage and video. You might have seen it have 1.5 million contemporary players. You might even have heard about the winner, the chicken originated from the night. Given the emergence of an unreasonable name and reputation, we have come here to explain how the world’s player is unaware of its battlefield.


What are the battlegrounds of the player senses?
Although the entire title player is unaware of its battlefield, most people call it PUBG because it is not the title that closes the tongue. In writing, it’s a primary access title for steam for PC – an incomplete game that you can buy and play before the release.

The game itself captures the idea of ​​the Royal Warrior (or H1Z1: The King of the Kill, or Hunger Games) – many people are released on an island, the last person is the winner. To do this, you have to find the weapons, kill the people you see, and avoid danger. It started life in a model for Arma 2, where the player did not know himself (with Brendan Greene’s more sensible name), he wanted to experience the true battle of the royal. Then he cooperated with the Hughes 1: 1 Kingdom of the Kill, a similar concept for Jumbo survival game H1Z1 before working on unknown battlefields of Bluehawl Inc player.



Player’s battlefield unknown – gun shot firing person in abandoned restaurant
Each match pushes about 100 people against each other, some of them might be the team, others are leaving it alone. The winners are the title of their respected ‘winners’, ‘Chicken Dinner’, top of in-game currency, which allows them to purchase cosmetics items.

This is mostly in it – when there is a special zombie-focus mode, it follows the same pattern. This simplicity is the key to success: how great is it as a player and streamer in YouTube for Tea Forosoth, YouTube.


PubG Mobile brought new updates again in the new week. Now you can download PubG Mobile 0.9.5 from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Recently, the race went ahead in the Fortnite game. In response to the new update of PabG Mobile, the Royal Pass season 4 Players can win points by participating in this feature in the daily and weekly missions.

At a Glance Mobile 0.9.5 Updated:

The M762 automatic rifle has been added which can be found on all the maps.
New scooter has been added.
The current weather has been changed so that sunlight, rain and fog will change.
PC mode has been added for the experience.
The possibility of curtain crept drops decreased.
Royal Pass season 4:

New weapons, new equipment and hairstyles with extraordinary equipment awards have been added. Elite Pass 600 YC Prizes have also been added for the players to buy the next season pass.
Elite pass users will be able to buy discounted items with BPI or RP points.
Mission card has been added for the players to complete the difficult mission.
On the occasion of Black Friday event, you can buy items with up to 3 days of discounts.

Pubzi Mobile has already taken possession of gaming market in India and China. In a recent report, it has been found that the United States receives 30 percent profit from the United States. The United States is gradually losing its Fortnite The new update will also run low-end smartphones.

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