Nokia – One of the best brands in the world of mobile phones. But what they are doing at the present time may not be understood by themselves. Recently they launched Nokia 3.1+ and 5.1+ (x5) models of two devices, many of which have been debated – criticism

Before knowing about the subject of criticism, let’s know some of the two specification of the phone,

Nokia 3.1+:

6 inch 720p 18: 9
Full view display,
2/16 & 3/32 GB Ram / Rom,
13 + 5 MP dual rear camera,
8 MP selfie camera,
3500mAh battery,
Mediatek Helio P22 chipset


Nokia 5.1+ (X5):

5.86 inch Notch display,
3/32 & 4/64 GB Ram / Rom,
13 + 5 MP Dual rear camera,
8MP selfie camera,
3060 mAh battery,
Mediatek Helio P60 chipset
Now, except for the battery capacities, Nokia 5.1+ (X5) Better than Nokia 3.1+ X5 has a Helio P60 processor, which is Better from the 3.1+ Helio P22 processor.

Though X5’s display is a bit smaller than the display of 3.1+, X5 has a Full View niche display, which is more than the Sharpen’s 3.1+ display.

Now you may have understood the Nokia X5; Better phones from Nokia 3.1+ If you think the question might arise; X5 is better than 3.1+, there is debate or criticism?

The only reason for criticizing is the price of this phone. Since X5 is better than 3.1+, the price of X5 is higher and the price of 3.1+ is slightly lower than the price of X5. But even though it sounds ridiculous, Nokia has kept the price of X5 and 3.1+ phones both in the international market.

The price of two phones has been fixed at 150 Euro, which is equal to 180 $. And not only did this cool A few days ago, Nokia launched its 3.1+ phone in India worth more than 500 rupees over X5.

Where the Nokia X5 of 3/32 GB Ram / Rom is available for Rs 10,999, Nokia 3.1+ 2/16 GB Ram / Rom is being sold at Rs 11,499. Why would people buy lower specs and low storage phones at a higher price? You or you buy? In the comment section we can tell us.