“Call of Duty Mobile”

Call of Duty franchise is a legend in the video game world. The computer or console played video games, but it is almost impossible to find people who did not play ‘Call of Duty – Cod’. As much as the call of duty games in the field of computer gaming, mobile gaming was the only void in this direction. The mobile version of this first person shooter action game was revealed that it was already leaked and Beta version. There is a built-in acquisition of Call of Duty Finechage and Chinese Tencent Gaming. It is said, the product of the popular games Pazzy Tencent Games.


It is known that the Call of Duty Mobile version is the best game of Tencent Games. Developed in a version of Pizzi Mobile and Whistle Labs, and those who are familiar with it, you can imagine how wonderful the Pazzy Whistling Games game is. Call of Duty Mobile version is the original Call of Duty’s Modern Warfare 1/2 and Black Op Series series cut out. Game map – Weapon – Character – Parks will get the taste of the previous Call of Duty games. The famous Modern Warfare 1 multiplayer crash map will be found in the Leaked Beta version. Again the black op 2 multiplayer map was also seen. In fact, in these mobile version of the mobile version, many call-off-fan fans can become nostalgic after getting them.



Once you have the Weapon listing of the game, you will get some futuristic weight experience like Black ops 2. Several attachments have been placed in guns and there are some character parks. Those who played before the call-of-duty multiplayer, would like to understand that computer games have tried to keep the game experience as mobile. The user’s hand in the game was somewhat futuristic, just like the Black-Op multiplayer. In the multiplayer game you can play in popular categories like Team DeMatch, Search and Destination. But we are still not sure whether the battalion royal mode like Pabzee is there.

Currently the game is only in Chinese language avalable. It is not known whether the English version will be released for the whole world. If there is a Royal Rally mode, there will be a possibility of being very rasharshi with Pabuji. Call of duty fans have long been waiting for the mobile version. Let’s see how fascinating the gamers can be when they get the global release. Keep an eye on the news of such new new games in Atsi Toto. Do not forget to let the Call of Duty Players talk about your mobile version.