Smartphone maker Realmie unveiled another new product with its new phone, Yu, which is now known as “Realmiya Bonds”. Oppo Mobile’s Sub Brand Realmi released their first ever Yerphone in a ceremony in India.

This wired earphone will be 3.5mm jack in the realm. The phones which were announced by 3.5mm jacks will be able to use it with USB Type C Converter. For extra diamond lovers it may be possible to find the best one earphones in a budget. The 11mm driver has been used in it, which promises to get 160% more diameter from the normal 10 mm driver.

This earphone can only be found in 499 rupees or 7 dollars. It is expected that the market will be available between 700-900 taka only.

Keeping this slogan “Proud To Be Young”, the earphone is designed with light gray and yellow color. Considering the sustainability of the earphone, its cables have been quoted in the cable material. It is a kind of powerful fabric that can not be pulled through hands.

It has 3 buttons with remote buttons. With the help of music play, talk or music, you can reduce or decrease the sound, give commands to Google Assistant.

Specification –
-11mm drivers
-106dB SPL
-Range 20-20,000Hz
-Copper-clad aluminum coils
-32Ω impedance

At this price, such earphones from real-world manufacturers such as Realmike may have been outside the imagination of many people. But sadly, it has just been unveiled. In real life, you will have to wait a few days to review using this earphone. It is now worth watching how the earphones can fill the market with their slogan. It is expected that they will start selling their UWAN phones in the coming months.

Thanks for being with Atsi. Do not forget to tell the realm phone users whether this is the official earphones you want to use with your phone. Click here to read full reviews of Realm’s popular phone, Realmii Pro, here.