Smartphone cameras currently occupy the ‘Point and Shoot’ camera space. Mobile photography is popular now in our country including other countries.


So today you will know the most common knowledge of the camera. What they do not know about the camera and everyone has the basic knowledge of these things in the use of the camera! Whether it’s a smartphone or DSLR camera.

Firstly there is a difference between each smartphone’s camera and each camera has one or more lenses and sensors. The question comes –

What is the sensor?
– The sensor that captures the light that comes with the lens of your camera. Sensor is a very important thing in the camera and depending on it many things.

– There are several types of sensors, such as CMOS, OMNI, EXMOR. The cameras have different size sensors such as flower frames – crop frames! All of them on the smartphone are crude body sensors and they are small in size.

– One of the main issues of the sensor is its size, some mathematical numbers are used to describe the size of the sensor, which we have seen many. Such as 1/22, 1 / 2.8 etc. The number that is in the 1 fraction, the smaller the sensor size, the smaller it is. The larger the sensor, the pixels of the image will be bigger. Pictures will be bigger if pixels are big, Ikeaichi, illuminated and shiny. For example, the size sensor 1 / 2.2 is larger than the sensor size of 1/8.8 so that it can get more light and capture more data. In this case, it is understood that no sensor is good.



What is Aperture?
– If we see mobile camera details, we all see numbers like F / 2.0 or F / 1.8. By means of these, the means of entering the lens of the sensor with the lens of the camera is the size of its hole. The greater the hole / opening will be able to enter the light with the camera lens.

– The location of this aperture after the camera’s glass. Many people think that the bigger the number of the aperture number, the camera is so good. Actually the opposite is the case. The smaller the number, the bigger the aperture of your camera. The greater the aperture the sensor is and the likelihood of a better picture will be available.

– We can manually change the aperture of DSLR lenses but not in mobile. However, Samsung has added this option to their current flagship phone. For example, f / 1.5-2.4 means you can select F2.4 by changing the F1.5 to the picture light.

To explain the aperture simply, the small aperture will be as big as the stop number such as –

★ F / 1.8 – Large aperture.
★ F / 2.2 – Small aperture.

If there is a small aperture, the lens of the sensor with the camera lens will be less and the light in the film will be less. On the other hand, if there is a large aperture, the sensor will get more light and the film will also get better light.

– Also, as soon as the camera’s aperture grows, good closing pictures can be taken and the Shaleo Deck of the Field (Background Blur) can be found.

What is Shutter Speed?
When you take a picture with the camera, the camera gets shutter and the picture is taken from the center. In this case, how often the shutter is open is very important. The speed of the shutter when the image is taken is called the shutter speed.

For Mobile, we can currently control this shutter speed manually on most phones. For example, this shutter speed is written at 1/30, 1.3 “or 30” in this way. 1/40 means that your camera will be able to take a photo of 1 in 40 seconds. Again when the shutter speed 5 is selected, this means the camera will take a photo of 5 seconds.

We call shutter speed two names. (1) slow / long shutter (2) fast shutter.

Slight shutters are needed for night photography or for night photography. Speed ​​photography is required for speed photography / action photography / sports photography.

– Photograph of slow shutter requires tripod or camera stand. Because this time the camera shutter is open for a long time. As a result, the focus of the photo is lost in any kind of hand crippling.

The easiest way to understand the type of shutter used is to understand the light. The greater the amount of light, the shutter speed should be kept as fast as 1/30. If the amount of light is less then the shutter speed will be reduced. For night photography we mostly use a slow shutter such as 1 “.


What is ISO?
– The camera will be as sensitive as the camera will be less sensitive to low light. This means that the camera will be able to take a good light of light in very low light.

– Because of the increase in ISO artificial lighting, this will increase the noise in the picture. As a result, the quality of the picture will get a little worse. To understand this, zoom in at least one image in ISO 100 and at the same time, another picture is mounted on ISO 1600 or 3200. The image that has 1600 or 3200 ISOs will have more light in the film and many noise (also called small dust in Bengali) can come.

– It is possible to take photos like night light by increasing the ISO in the sensor camera and using the Shutter Speed ​​Slow.

This was the primary information about the camera. If you want to know more or if you want to know something new, you must comment. If there is a manual / professional mode on your mobile phone then hope to see these things in a hurry and understand it.

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