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Today, a lot of discussion will be done at 70 thousand rupees, what you can get from a laptop, what features, performance. The discussion will discuss some of these best budget laptops. I’m with the previous people

In the original words,

Let’s take a look at what you can expect from laptops at 70 thousand rupees –
Processor: Intel’s core i5-8250u to core i7 -8550u processor can get the processor at the current market rate of 70 thousand rupees. However, the previous generation of processor can get in the market.
Ram: You get 8GB RAM in 70 thousand budgets. Another blank slot is to increase the RAM.
Storage: In this budget, manufacturers are offering various variants. The storage options are: 1 terabyte, 2 terabytes, 1 terabyte + 122 GB SSD, 1 terabyte + 266 GB SSD, 512 GB SSD storage.
Display is 13 inches to 15.6 inches in this budget, and FHD and HD are the panel.
Zipi: Most of the 70,000 laptops are available in Nvidia MX 150, 2GB or AMD REDON 535, 535 2 GB.
Design: Light weight with slim body as demand for premium design at Tk 70 billion. If this is your concern then good news for you Because most laptops have brought their premium looking devices to the market in this budget this year.
Battery: One of the biggest issues in laptops is its battery backup. In this budget, laptops have the power to provide backups for about 6 to 8 hours.
Maybe you can get what you can get or expect at 70 thousand rupees. If there is any problem to understand, in the comment box.

Now let’s talk about some of the best laptops in this budget. Discussion Roundtable: Some of the best tech giant budgets are some of the best laptops. With their names, give them a brief description because after reading so far you have got an idea about the budget’s laptop’s config.

Acer Aspire S5-371
The 13.3-inch version of the release released earlier this year is given by Intel’s 7th Generation Core i57200U processor, 8GB RAM, 512 GB SSD storage, no dedicated Zipi, slim and premium design. After reading this, you will come to your head and I do not match it with the text that I have written, so why is this laptop in this list? The answer is its 11-hour battery backup and slim design. Intel’s 8th Generation processor has come down to its price of below 70,000.

Acer Aspire S5-371
At the current market rate 70 thousand core i7-8550u processors are getting this laptop. However, no SSD storage is available. But if you want to have a blank slot you can apply the SSD. There are also fingerprint scanners. There are 2 GB of dedicated graphics memory of Nvidia 930 MX (930 MX). But I did not like the design of it.

HP ProBook 440 G5
Lenovo IP330s
The Lenovo Ideapad 330s laptop is represented by Lenovo in the discussion roundtable. 6 inch 16: 9 aspect ratio of 1 1920×1080 pixel IPS panel is available on the laptop. Intel’s Core i5-8250U processor, 1 terabyte hard drive + 128GB SSD storage with 8 GB RAM Zipi has AMD Radion 535 (AMD REDON 535) 2 GB Variant. If you wish, you can increase its RAM to up to 20 GB. Use light-to-moderate battery backup of approximately 6 to 7 hours. Speaking of design, you’ll love Slim Bezel and Brushed Aluminum Finishing.

Lenovo Ideapad 330s
Asus VivoBook S15
Asus’s Laptop is offering 70,000 premium designs. Nero Bezel display and brush metal sculpting with slim design will take care of your eyes. 15.6 inch 16: 9 aspect ratio has a 1920×1080 pixels IPS panel on the laptop. Intel’s Core i5-8250U processor has 8GB of RAM, which you can upgrade to up to 20 GB. The storage is as 1 terabyte hard drive + 256 GB SSD. Which is a big impetus in this budget However, this laptop was a bad two USB 2.0 port.

ASUS vivobook S15
If you’ve read it so, then you know that some laptops in the budget of Taka 70 thousand will be spent. Today’s round table talk about laptops in budget is to end here. Thank you for taking this time. Do not forget to let us know.

I’ll come back again with Laptop Biding Guide Part-6. Better then stay healthy and read more of us.