At present, the price of SSD is much lower than the previous time. So many are now becoming very interested in buying SSD. So today I will talk about it.

What is SSD?

SSD or Solid State Drive is a Non Volatile Memory A hard disk where the data stored on the disk preserves all the information in the memory memory chip. As there are some mechanical defects such as running on the hard disk, SSD has some limitations for data storage of memory cells.

SSD type and speed:

There are many types of SSD, depending on which speed is more or less. However, we usually use both SATA and NVMe SSDs. NVMe SSD is comparatively higher than SATA. Again MS2 is in the market, which looks like NVMe, but they provide performance like SATA SDD.

Generally, 400-600 MB / s speed is available when you transfer files from SSD to SSD, where 100-150 MB / s speed is available for transferring files from one hard disk to another hard disk. If there is m2 SSD, then the file transfer is available for 1 GB / s.

Since the hard disk keeps all the data on the disk, it takes more time to process data processing and processing, but in SSD the files are processed at a very short time. For this reason, Windows Essentials software is usually kept in SSD. Apart from this, SSD is also used for photo editing, 3D rendering and video editing.



Difficulty and Lifetime Use of SSD:

SSD’s Lifetime Limited. This Lifetime depends on the size of SSD, even in some cases the life time change also. Depending on the type of storage, also the cost of SSD and Lifetime will be affected. But the normal lifetime of SSD is 3-4 years.

Currently there are many companies’ SSDs in the market. Samsung’s SSD is the best, but its price is also much higher. Also available for general use include SSA of Adata, Transcend, Corsair, HyperX, Kingston, Western Digital, Galax, PNY, Intel, Gigabyte, Team Group.

Which starts at around Rs 2,500, but there are many Chinese brands of SSD available in the market except those which will not be good. Because these SSDs have very little speed and Lifetime.

Finally, if you have SSD budget at the time of PC build, then it is better to take an SSD with hard disk. At low pressure on the hard disk and the PC is relatively much dynamic.